From Love of Money, Save Us

You cannot serve both God and Money.  Matthew 6:24

As a people and as a country, we have put too much faith in money: money as the arbiter of power, money as the definition of success, and money as the source of our security. And we have found that money cannot serve as the measure of any of these but are reminded, in the words of the apostle Paul, that “love of money is a root of all kinds of evil” (1 Timothy 6:10).  Wealth cannot keep us from harm.  Lord save us from selfish ambition and the fear of failure and want. Help us to pursue the riches of reason, the wealth of generosity, and the strength that comes from acknowledging both our interdependence with others and our dependence on you.  Help us, as we re-examine the paths we have taken, to recommit ourselves to you, and to find the path forward.  In Jesus’ name we pray.


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One Response to “From Love of Money, Save Us”

  1. From the Electoral Season, Save Us « Prayers For Our Country Says:

    […] Do not let us be so overcome by adversity that we fail to vote or over-rely on simplistic pitches.  Do not let hypocrisy, arrogance,  mendacity, or hollow promises mislead us.  Let us fend off both cynicism and hate.  From a love of money, save us. […]

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