Out of the Mud and the Mire

And in my dismay I said,  “All men are liars.” Ps 116:11

Lord, the concepts seemed so simple: reduce the costs that burden families and businesses large and small; preserve the patient’s choice of doctors while also providing a choice to those who would otherwise have none; and ensure that all have access to quality and affordable care. How did we move from broad agreement on improving our healthcare system to fears of euthanasia, shouting claques that prevent discussion and understanding, and a growing climate of distrust?

Let not our hope that change is possible give way to despair.  Let not the complexity of detail and our distrust of the drafters destroy our focus on a more just and equitable system.  Preserve our will to move forward. Protect us from those who see politics as a blood-sport, seeking a partisan kill. Help us to realize that “tyranny” may come in the form of those who, in order to preserve their own entrenched power, would exploit our fears and anger,  — those who resist the restraint and accountability that government oversight can provide.  Strengthen those who would lead us forward.  Let them free themselves from the chains of party power, media sarcasm, and fear of failure.  Give us compassion, strength to forgive,  and the courage to reach out in healing to those with whom we disagree.

Help us to be patient in our hope, O Lord.  Hear our cry and lift us “out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire”, set our feet on the rock of your promises, and guide us as we journey forward. Ps. 40:1-2


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