Guardians of Our Liberty

The quote that begins this prayer comes from an election sermon preached by Samuel Cooke at Cambridge on May 30, 1770.  It followed the Boston Massacre which occurred on March 5 of that year, and laid out themes that served as precursors of the revolution to come.

“The body of a people are disposed to lead quiet and peaceable lives – and it is their highest interest to support the government under which their quietness is ensured —  They retain a reverence for their superiors, and seldom foresee or suspect danger, till they feel their burdens.”

Lord help us to pay attention to erosion of our liberties. Protect us from those who would manipulate our fears and discomfort for personal gain. Help us find the time to be informed and to seek your guidance for our lives. Give us the courage to speak up and be engaged, and the self-control to do so in a way that reflects a love of others, even those with whom we disagree.  Let us be alert to danger, and prepared to stand our ground (Eph. 6:10-18).  Strengthen us and help us O Lord (Is. 41:10).


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