Those Who Went Before Us

Lord, on this Memorial Day we give you thanks for those who gave us life, who taught us how to live, and whose memories bring both pain and laughter.  We thank you for the stories that shape our lives, and the gift of photography that helps us to understand our past.  We thank you for our families and our friends O Lord.

On this Memorial Day we give you thanks for those who fight for our country and those who have died in its service.  Let us be ever aware of their sacrifice and the full costs of war.  Help us be wise in our use of the freedoms they defend and in the policies we choose.  Help us to be generous in our support of those who serve and of their friends and families.  Help us to pursue peace in our lifetimes O Lord.

And on this Memorial Day we give you thanks O Lord for your presence in our lives and for your promise of eternal life.  Help us to follow in your ways, to lean not on our own understanding, and to find comfort and meaning in our memories.  Help us to guide our children to value the past, find hope for the future, and follow us in faith.

We thank you O Lord, for lives present and past, and for the cycle of life that keeps us searching for you.


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