Illumine Us

Yet these men speak abusively against whatever they do not understand; and what things they do understand by instinct, like unreasoning animals — these are the very things that destroy them. Jude 10

Lord, forgive the bloggers that rant without reason, that accuse without foundation, that rail against realities they refuse to accept.  Forgive the pundits who incite hate and anger and sow confusion and fear.  Forgive those in the media that rebroadcast soundbites and ignore context and complexities.  Do not let their fear, confusion and anger distract, delay or prevent us from moving forward.  Instead,

Open our eyes that we may see, glimpses of the truth that could set us free.  Enlighten us.

Open our ears that we might hear, voices of truth that are sounding clear.  Lead us.

Open our hearts, that we might share your love and truth without fear.  Illumine us.*

Help us to look at facts, to understand cause and effect, to accept our current reality and to move forward.

Guide us.  Enlighten us.  Illumine us.   Help us to be wise, O Lord.


(*paraphrased from the hymn Open My Eyes That I Might See” by Clara Scott, 1895)

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