Reaching Into The Shadows

The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it. John 1:5.

Lord, bless the homeless who sit on park benches, seek shelter on church steps, and wander our streets.

Lord bless the hungry who hide in their homes, who queue up at pantries, who can’t feed their kids.

Lord bless those who are without hope, filled with despair, unable to work or to access the care they need.

Lord bless our shelters and our food banks and the volunteers and workers who struggle with inadequate means to meet the growing demand.

Lord bless our storefront churches that share your light in broken neighborhoods and reach out to the homeless, the hungry and the hurting with offers of fellowship and care.

Lord bless other faith communities that provide volunteers and resources and build networks to provide help to those they do not know.

Lord, bless those men and women who seek to implement governmental policies and budgets that reflect your care and compassion for those unable to help themselves.

As our economy recovers, let us try to provide all those in our country with dignity, and to meet their basic needs.

Help to care, O Lord.


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