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Giving Thanks

November 30, 2019

Luke 12: 15-21; Ruth 2: 2-9.

As we thank you Lord for the harvest and the work that produced it,

for food on our tables and families and friends,

let us remember the hungry,

and your admonitions to share the fruits of our labor throughout our communities.

Let us not count our blessings in ways that diminish our souls.

Help us be a kinder more compassionate nation O Lord.


Peace Is In Coming Together

November 24, 2019

United we stand, divided we fall.

Remind us O Lord.

Help us to see things as they are, and not simply as we might want them to be. Do not let us be misled by hate or fear or greed or pride or simple denial.

Give us a spirit of wisdom that we might listen well.

Guide us O Lord, in your ways of  justice and mercy.

Help us find peace O Lord.


Finding Our Way, Pursuing Truth

November 17, 2019

Another prayer for our country, adapted from The Book of Common Prayer.

Almighty God, you proclaim your truth in every age by many voices. Direct, in our time, we pray, those who speak where many listen and write where many read, that they may do their part in making the heart of our people wise, its mind sound, and its will righteous. And help the people seek wisdom and reject appeals to hate and fear. Help us to pursue truth, and justice, and mercy, to the honor of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Finding Our Path

November 10, 2019

As we restart this blog at the outset of the 2020 election year, we offer this from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer.

“O God, you have bound us together in a common life.  Help us, in the midst of our struggles for justice and truth, to confront one another without hatred or bitterness, and to work together with mutual forbearance and respect; through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Help us to remember O Lord, that we are one country.  Amen